Autunite- Radioactive and Fluorescent Uranium Mineral from France


This is the radioactive, highly fluorescent uranium mineral "autunite." Autunite was discovered in 1852 near Autun, France.

Autunite is a hydrated calcium uranyl phosphate. It's a greenish-yellow mineral with a hardness of 2–​2.5. Its uranium content of 48 percent makes it radioactive.

With a calibrated Victoreen CDV 700, this piece has a radiation dose rate of 10 mrem/hr on contact, which falls off to about 0.2 to 0.4 mrem/hr at 6 inches.

Autunite fluoresces bright green to lime green under long wave and shortwave UV light, and it crystallizes as tabular or fan-like masses.

Because autunite is a naturally-occurring radioactive material, it is legal to own in the US. It is safe to own with some reasonable care:

1) The piece is sealed and stabilized with a light coat of lacquer (this hydrated mineral becomes very brittle when it loses its water over time). The lacquer helps to keep it in one piece.

2) The piece is PERMANENTLY mounted in the perky box, so don't try to remove it.

3) I'm selling these with the perky box top glued-shut, because of the friable nature of the material.

4) The radiation dose rate falls off to zero within about 6" from the piece.

5) Keep it away from your kids (like you would any mineral with heavy or hazardous metals) and you're good.

Most international destinations prohibit import of radioactive material, so they will be shipped to US destinations only, in full compliance with US Postal Service regulations.

Piece is approximately 15x15x5 mm. Piece alone is ~1 gram, 12 grams with the perky box. Fluorescent photos taken with a 365 nm long wave Convoy S2 light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you combine shipping for multiple pieces in an order?

Yes, we are happy to combine shipping for multiple pieces. Our pieces have different weights, however, and that makes it a bit challenging to combine shipping as you are ordering, but you will only pay the actual combined shipping cost plus a $1.00 handling & material fee. We will refund any overages as soon as we create the shipping label (thst's the point when we know the actual price for shipping).

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