Chrome Diopside Crystals with Phlogopite Mica in White Calcite Matrix


Multiple chrome diopside crystals, including a gorgeous triple crystal, and phlogopite set in snowy white calcite matrix.

This piece is from the famous Sar-e-Sang mines in the Kokcha Valley in Badakhshan Afghanistan. Border tensions with Pakistan are severely limiting the availability of pieces from Sar-e-Sang.

85 x 67 x 63 mm. 297 grams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you combine shipping for multiple pieces in an order?

Yes, we are happy to combine shipping for multiple pieces. Our pieces have different weights, however, and that makes it a bit challenging to combine shipping as you are ordering, but you will only pay the actual combined shipping cost plus a $1.00 handling & material fee. We will refund any overages as soon as we create the shipping label (thst's the point when we know the actual price for shipping).

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