Gorgeous New York Trilobite - Eldregeops rana


This is Eldredgeops rana, (previously called Phacops rana) from the Middle Devonian (380 million years old) Windom Shale in Hamburg, NY. This trilobite lived on the muddy bottom of the shallow ocean that once covered Western New York State. A third of a billion years ago, in the very last moment of its life, this trilobite rolled up like a potato bug to protect its soft underbelly. The pygidium (back end) isn't visible, missing. This trilobite is beautifully preserved, and with a loupe, you can see each lens of the multi-lensed eyes. The Western New York trilobites have a beautiful black outer shell composed of calcium phosphate, a durable material that perfectly preserves the detail of these ancient organisms. This little guy is 100% genuine. No glue, no paint, no fillers.

18 x 16 x 5 mm. Less than 1 gram.

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