Indonesian Petrified Wood Polished Slab


Nice slab of Indonesian petrified wood that has been polished (on both sides) to a beautiful shine.

Location: West Java, Indonesia

Size: 90 x 65 x 15 mm. 180 grams.

Indonesia has the largest deposit of petrified wood in the world. Indonesian blue petrified wood is from ancient teak hardwood trees (over 20 million years old) that have turned to stone. Minerals that were in the water and mud when the petrification occurred create the varying colors in each specimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you combine shipping for multiple pieces in an order?

Yes, we are happy to combine shipping for multiple pieces. Our pieces have different weights, however, and that makes it a bit challenging to combine shipping as you are ordering, but you will only pay the actual combined shipping cost plus a $1.00 handling & material fee. We will refund any overages as soon as we create the shipping label (thst's the point when we know the actual price for shipping).

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